One of the main elements behind Alphamoment’s philosophy and core essence is undoubtedly the underlying human feelings and emotions: be them those that inspire us to create, or those our creations awaken in the ones who wear them. This duality on feelings has set the motto for Alphamoment’s AW16 Collection, delivering a creative momentum that defines a new stage for the brand on several levels. On our ongoing search for traditional manufacturing techniques, we are proud to present the first range of Alphamoment’s Peruvian-made garments, homage to the country’s unique heritage in artisanal knitting processes. The sheer beauty of woven fabrics, produced in traditional looms and resulting in unique textures and tridimensional effects, is one of the trademarks of the collection. Handmade by locals in remote villages on the mountains and resorting to luxurious alpaca, this project symbolizes a milestone in Alphamoment’s efforts to support fair trade and preserve culture and traditions.

The collection also portrays a natural evolution of the brand, delivering a more mature and subdued approach to its trademark bohemian-chic vibe. Besides the hand-embroidered styles, the alluring visuals are also translated through the use of heavyweight, wintery fabrics, such as wool and tweed whose textures and patterns convey the brand’s aesthetic in much more sophisticated manner. Plays on length and proportion, along with a vast color palette comprised of earthy tones, pastels and indigo blue allow for added versatility and suitability to different styles and occasions.